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Meet the people behind The Lookout Lodge

meet us…. Creighkett & Jamie

This dynamic duo of friends is the team that helps create your wedding vision in the Pacific Northwest oasis that is the Lookout Lodge

Learn a little more about us, and then tell us about your wedding day and who you are as a couple.


Her name is just as unique as her knowledge in the industry. Creighkett has owned and operated The Lookout Lodge for over 10+ years. She loves bringing people together in her community to celebrate​ weddings and events. She actively promotes the travel and tourism industry supporting the Pacific Northwest as a premier vacation destination. Let her uncanny eye for detail and dedication help ​you tell your original, unique and intimate love story. “I remember every detail of my own wedding 20 years ago to my amazing husband, Jason. I want your special event and celebration to be just as significant and remarkable​.” ​Happy Trails!


​Mrs. Jamie has worked in the hospitality trade for over 20+ years.  She has unsurpassed knowledge in wedding and event coordinating , food management, scheduling, expediting and working with your unique spending plan. Recently, she completed extensive course  work with IAOTS and graduated with her certificate in Wedding and Event Planning. She is a “Certified Professional Wedding and Event Planner.”  We are so proud of her accomplishments and know that you will have confidence in her professional and positive work ethic.  Her goal is to make your event be an unforgettable and memorable lifetime experience.  Her and her husband have 2 beautiful children and are proud to call Snohomish their home. GO PANTHERS!​


TEN STARS! Our daughter’s Wedding was perfect! Thank you so much to the Lookout Lodge and the Wedding Planner (Jamie) for everything! You made the day effortless!


The Lookout Lodge was AMAZING. Our wedding could not have been more perfect and so much of that was because our wonderful wedding coordinator Jamie who works for this venue! She is so sweet and attentive and will handle any and everything you need on the big day!


We planned our wedding from far away so we literally swung by the venue 14 months before our wedding for about 30 minutes. It was better than we imagined – the venue is so well laid out and so pretty. But before that, we worked with Jamie with all of our crazy requests all over email and phone. And when the day came we handed it over to Jamie and everything happened so perfectly and all the details came together and we didn’t have to worry about it! So great! And so beautiful.


It’s the Jamie Difference.

An effortless wedding day is possible with an experienced coordinator. 

Jamie has the ability to make everyone, everything, and every furbaby feel welcome at The Lookout Lodge. With her unique background, she’s able to handle any issue that arises – and even more importantly, make sure that you don’t know about it. 

Jamie’s focus on your wedding day is to protect your wedding day experience. From delegating tasks, coordinating your team for setting up and breaking down decor, cutting the cake, steaming your veil, making sure things stay on schedule, she’s making sure your friends and family are having the best day, too. 

During the wedding planning process, Jamie is there to answer questions and send over recommendations for vendors and more. 

The wedding day you dreamed of – one filled with joy, love, laughter, dancing, and more fun than you can imagine – Jamie is the missing piece. Let her help take the stress out of wedding planning at The Lookout Lodge. 

Want to know more about hiring Jamie, and what that includes?